“I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas.  I'm frightened of the old ones.”

                                                                      John Cage  

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

                                                            Buckminster Fuller  



​​​​​​Mitigate Partners are a collaborative group of experienced employee benefit advisors and creative thinkers that have come together to bring a new approach and a new way of thinking about the problems ingrained in today’s health care / insurance and to identify and to develop resources and share solutions to these problems

​We use an “open architecture” in our approach and may well engage with other forward thinking parties as needs and opportunities suggest.

 We have searched all ends of the earth to put together a complicated jigsaw puzzle with the pieces consisting of the best in class High Performance Healthcare Solutions to resolve the employers' healthcare problems, and have integrated them to form the most comprehensive Employer Healthcare Solutions in the U.S.

We are engaged in the pursuit of improving the financial well-being of every employer as it relates to their healthcare costs.  

By serving as a Fiduciary and Steward of our client’s health plan dollars, and focusing on how to reduce the cost of healthcare (and thus the cost of insurance), we operate more as Population Health Managers rather than as “Brokers”, allowing our team to specialize in Cost Containment and Risk Mitigation strategies that result in dramatic reductions in the overall health plan spending of our clients.  Furthermore, our more than 150 years of combined experience in benefit planning, allows us to offer our clients improved cash flow, “employee friendly health plans” and lower cost trends over time.  Our unique approach allows us to align ourselves more closely to your objectives in order to position you for better healthcare purchasing value by serving as your employer / employee healthcare advocates.  

Having spent the past 7 years deeply engaged in research also makes us sought after speakers and authors as well.  Our recent speaking engagements have led us to a National Community Pharmacy Association as well as to the Substance Use and the Workplace Community Forum (Opioid Abuse) in Morganton, N.C. which included N.C. Attorney General Josh Stein in the speaking lineup.  Click here to see our interviews at the 16th Annual World Healthcare Congress, 15th Annual World Health Care Congress  and the 14th Annual World Health Care Congress.  We spoke in Houston, Texas at the - click here - Free Market Medical Association Houston chapter on July 11, 2018

Click here to listen to our talk with David Contorno and go to the 18:15 mark forThe Great Reveal: Demystifying Healthcare Costs - The 6 Opportunities in Healthcareat the 2018 National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) Annual Convention in Kansas City, MO.  

​​During this 7 year journey, our founding partner was selected as one of the first group of 30 forward-leaning Benefits Advisors in the U.S. to participate as a Charter Member in the Health Rosetta            Certification Program for Benefits Advisors.  The Health Rosetta is a blueprint of best practices for intelligently purchasing health benefits that’s been sourced from the most forward leaning benefits purchasers of all types around the country.  The certification program helps ensure we stay at the front of the market to better serve our clients.  The Health Rosetta’s creator, Dave Chase, recently published a book that I think you’ll find valuable that also mentions our founding partner, The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream: How to Deliver World Class Health Care to Your Employees at Half the Cost.  Our founding partner is recognized on page XI in the Acknowledgement Foreword as well as one of our clients we currently work with, Langdale Industries (assisted them with Medical Bill Review), arguably the most innovative employer in the U.S. who also self-administers their benefits as their own TPA, on pgs. 108-111.

Our unique approach and posture allow us to network with a host of trusted vendor partners such as insurance companies, PBM’s, TPA’s, medical tourism firms, employee benefit communication companies, and onsite clinics to name just a few.  We are an employer advocate and provide easily understood solutions that allow for employee engagement in the solution process.  Our education capabilities allow us to create employer/employee partnerships in implementing solutions that are of benefit to all.

The advent of the Affordable Care Act has created a surplus of creative solutions that can dramatically impact the cost of your health plan.  In January 2017, we hosted an Innovation Forum – Think Tank, for a full day discussion and vision casting session amongst some of the most innovative minds in our industry from as far away as Oregon, D.C., Massachusetts, Florida, and Georgia; people who are serious about delivering high value, creative solutions that can transform our archaic healthcare system.

Over the past 6 years, our hours and hours of research have identified 6 fundamental flaws in the Healthcare / Insurance system that we have turned into Opportunities for you: 

  • In the process, we have also identified resources that can be applied to mitigate their negative impact on your health plan
  • By using data analytics and active management techniques, we propose to help you regain control of your health care spending
  • And believe we will improve the employee experience in the process

Our solutions enable us to work side by side with employers' key health care partners.  Our proprietary and synergistic approach of seamlessly integrating the pieces to this healthcare jigsaw puzzle allow our solutions to be effective in the delivery of substantial savings.

These solutions allow employers to Demystify their Healthcare Costs - Having Health Insurance...Your Way and on Your Terms....Giving Control back to YOU!

Recently, we decided to take an integrated approach and created and trademarked FairCo$t, a health plan we pioneered that incorporates the ideas and the High Performance Healthcare Solutions our journey uncovered.  As we like to say – Creative Thinking is not a CommodityTM.

In the construction business, most property owners now hire a “Construction Manager” to be a knowledgeable representative on THEIR team to make certain the general contractor and subs are achieving the property owners’ objectives in a cost effective manner.  In like manner, we propose to operate as an employer’s BENEFIT MANAGER and to hire the best of the best at each discipline needed to provide an optimal combination of cost containment strategies and services for your self-funded health plan.  Once the project is “built”, we then apply active integrated management principles to insure that each sub-unit operates in harmony to achieve well defined objectives.

Unlike many of the plans we review that have implemented a cost containment strategy or two, what makes our approach unique is the integration of multiple strategies into one seamless platform designed for optimum impact on health care spending and much improved benefits to your employees.  We are in a rare position to offer a unique and comprehensive active management process that will allow our clients to provide meaningful benefit programs at the lowest possible net cost.  We call this platform the FairCo$t Health Plan.

​We provide employers the tools and guidance to become Active Managers of their health plan versus Passive Managers.  Active Management of your health plan makes a huge difference in your health plan spend when compared to the Passive Management approach employed by paying the BUCAH’s to handle all aspects of your program. 

Two of our favorite quotes are:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

These are at the core of our approach and our offering to all of our clients.

Let us “UBER” your Health Plan before you get “Kodaked” by escalating health plan costs

​Thanks again for your time and interest in our Population Health Management platform along with our High Performance Healthcare Solutions approach to managing healthcare spending.  We look forward to assisting employers across the country in regaining control of their healthcare costs.