Our partners have degrees in Cost Containment and Risk Management. We have combined experience of over 150 years in the business and have built a diverse clientele.  One of our Advisors was selected as one of the first group of 30 forward-leaning Benefits Advisors in the U.S. to participate as a Charter Member in the                                              Certification Program for Benefits Advisors.  Four of our Advisors are Health Rosetta Certified Professionals which helps ensure we stay at the front of the market to better serve our clients. Our research and development are critical to success of our practice and our clients.

Where else in America is the person utilizing the services not paying for 100% of what they are purchasing?   As, we like to say “The purchase of medical goods and services by employer health plans in no way resembles any other business transaction in American commerce.”

​​​Mitigate Partners are committed to pushing our clients out of their comfort zone to bring different solutions, to deliver different results, and to not accept the status quo even if that’s what they are knowingly or unknowingly asking for.  We relentlessly pursue, both personally and professionally, opportunities to share, collaborate and learn how to constantly improve the situation of our clients and their employees.







Mitigate Partners provide Insurance, Risk Management, Cost Containment, and Employee Benefits Consulting services.  We use surveys, interviews, and observation to conduct a comprehensive Employee Benefits Plan review.



By serving as a Fiduciary and Steward of our client’s health plan dollars, and focusing on how to reduce the cost of healthcare (rather than the cost of insurance), we operate more as Population Health Managers rather than as “Brokers”, allowing our team to specialize in Cost Containment and Risk Mitigation strategies that result in dramatic reductions in the overall health plan spending of our clients. 


Mitigate Partners provide employers the tools and guidance to become Active Managers of their health plan versus Passive Managers.  Active Management of your health plan makes a huge difference in your health plan spend when compared to the Passive Management approach employed by paying the BUCAH’s to handle all aspects of your program. 

Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.  Our service approach is equally unique as well.  Because we are intentionally small, focused on our clients - rather than adding more clients, each of the principals remains directly involved in managing all aspects of your program.  You will not be shifted to a “service team” as with large brokerage shop organizations.

“American employers have arguably become the sloppiest purchasers of health care anywhere in the world.  For more than half a century, employers have passively paid just about every health care bill that has been put before them, with few questions asked.”

Uwe E. Reinhardt, “The Culprit Behind High U.S. Health Care Prices.”  The New York Times, 7 June 2013.